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Endorsements and Affiliates


PG Music is known for their strong and innovative music production software along with their lessons and tutorials that train musicians from biginner to advanced to be the best at their craft. Donyea Music is proud to endorse PG music!!! Their contributions to Donyea Music projects as well as the music industry are astonishing!

Presonus has been a major contributor to Donyea Music from it's foundation. From their interfaces, studio monitors, digital mixers, speakers, and music software, they are the Ace of Donyea Music. And the foundation of our music production.

Donyea Music has been a long time production partner and affiliate of Q The Music Entertainment. Over the last 20 years Q The Music has played a major role in the music contribution of our company and we still continue to thrive and produce great music today! Head over to the site and check them out. Tell them Donyea Music sent you.

Donyea Music is an avid supporter of Band Geek clothing line. Which provides wardrobe for our photoshoots, concerts, promo pictures, and social media posts.

Grass Roots Audio
We've now partnered up with Grass Roots Audio. A major music library enterprise in Hollywood California that supplies music for film, television, albums, and other multimedia entertainment.  All of our music that was previously available here, along with our newly created music is now available on their website.
You'll find the music library more extensive and less expensive! And all your music multimedia needs will be met ten times over! Click the link to head there now!
Donyea Goodman
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