The Blue Water Kit!! A sparkle blue weathered 6 piece kit featuring 4 toms, a punchy crisp kick, 3 fat mid to low-tuned snares, and one crisp high snare for variety. This kit carries the punch and sharpness of a modern sound but we mic'd it so that it  is specifically designed to carry the depth of the drums you hear on a Vinyl album. Think Earth Wind and Fire, Doobie Brothers, and yet you can stil get modern tones out of it!

Pure Drums Premium: Blue Water Kit

  • Requires 8gb of Ram and 5gb of HD memory

    Kontakt version requires Kontakt 5.7 or higher

    runs in Kontakt player(Demo mode)

    Includes TCI(Trigger) format

    All future upgrades to this specific kit are free

    Once payment is processed and received allow 24hrs for download link to be delivered.

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