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Pure Drums Premium: Natural And Thick Kit

Pure Drums Premium: Natural And Thick Kit

Introducing the Natural & Thick Kit!  The name describes it! Our natural Ludwig set multisampled with all wood snares. Its fat, the kick is super beefy. and the 10,12,14,16 inch toms are medium tuned, thick and round, but naturally punchy.  It features 68 snares, and a brand new set of dark crisp hats and cymbals not featured in any other library. For those big ballad R&B or funky 6/8 tunes.  Or maybe even a mediumn tempo drive. Everything you hear in the demo is unprocessed. No EQ, no compression, NOTHING. Must have Kontakt 5.7(full version) or higher!


Requires 8gb of Ram and 8gb of HD storage

MUST HAVE Kontakt 5.7(Full Version) or higher

will run in Kontakt player(Demo mode only)

All future upgrades to this specific kit are free

Once payment is processed and received allow 24hrs for download link to be delivered. All sales are final. No refunds.

    $80.00 Regular Price
    $52.00Sale Price
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