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B i o g r a p h y

Donyea Goodman is a Stellar Award nominated producer with over 18 years of music production experience. He started playing the drums at 3 years old and keys soon after.. He produced Ingrid WIlliam's first album "Finally Found Someone", in 1999, and has never looked back since. As a producer Donyea has scored top ten hits in the music industry worldwide and has an incredible capacity to produce and compose any genre of his choosing. He has produced multiple compositions for commercials, video games, film, and theater.

Donyea has also earned recognition as a sought after music, theater and film Composer by many in the US and abroad.  He's composed multiple songs for Disney attractions, theme parks and shows.  Has scored for multiple comedy films for studios such as Russel Simmons of Def Jam, KevOnStage, The C-Dub Brand, Microsoft,  and many independent films!  He has produced, and shared the stage touring as a musician and show programmer with many award winning gospel and commercial artists such as Fred Hammond, James Fortune, LaRue Howard, Marvin Sapp, Percy Bady, Gary L. Wyatt, Ayiesha Woods, Sufiano. Teddy Riley, GUY, Blackstreet, Karen Clark Sheard, and countless others!!

 With an ear and passion for music, Donyea is ever embarking on new journeys as an artist and producer. He is currently working on new projects within DonyeaMusic.  And continues to score for film productions world wide.

Donyea Goodamn
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